Couples Counseling

  • Feeling worried, disappointed, like something is missing in your relationship.
  • Having repeated conversations that seem to go nowhere or make things worse
  • Is something difficult happening – an affair, addictions, infertility concerns
  • Feeling distance or disconnection – ending up like roommates
  • Feeling that your goals and values are not aligned with your partner

Do you tell yourself that you should be able to have a healthy couple relationship and not have to seek help from a third party?

We see couples that have just met and are starting their relationship, married couples and couples who have been together for 30 years, raised a family and find themselves as a crossroads.  Whatever your circumstances, couple’s counseling can assist you in identifying problem areas and help you to move forward as a team in a healthier way.

A couple is made of two people coming from different family systems.  Each person brings into a relationship their own expectations and assumptions of what an “ideal” relationship is to them.  Unspoken expectations and assumptions can be a pitfall for a lot of couples.  It is like two people on a stage at the same time, except they are reading from different scripts.  Exploring expectations and assumptions, communications styles, family of origin dynamics, and learning how to  “repair” after a disagreement are just some of the crucial areas that couple’s counseling can help with.

We will give you the tools to stop having that same old fight - you know, the one that goes nowhere and help you create and nourish the relationship you have always wanted.

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