Pre-Marital Counseling

For engaged, committed and even newlywed couples

Take action to have the supportive, loving relationship you imagined.
We offer a format of pre-marital counseling to help highlight and address the main areas of concerns that engaged and newlywed couples have. We can help you get your relationship off to a better start and if you are in "troubled waters" now, provide help for your concerns.

We provide the tools you need, along with helping you learn skills and strategies for change:

  • To help you prepare for marriage and increase the level of satisfaction and intimacy in your relationship       
  • Identify your relationship's strengths and areas of growth
  • Learn good communication, problem solving, confliction resolution and intimacy enhancement skills
  • Understand how your family of origin and life experiences affect your relationship
  • Teach you how to prioritize your marriage

We can make available to you the RELATE (Relationship Evaluation Questionnaire), an online inventory that can be used in focusing your premarital counseling.  It was developed to help premarital and marital couples learn about the strengths and challenges in their relationship and to provide information that couples can use to in order to better understand themselves and their partner relationship.

Helpful Forms

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